Action Learning for Leadership - groups

Small groups building personal leadership capacity and enabling leaders to take action to address the right organisational questions.

Smart leaders ask & take action with, the right questions, get to the nub of an issue & invite a diverse group to their "board" table. Addressing the gritty questions of innovative leadership cannot be done alone. It often requires us to challenge our own (& our organisation’s) thinking, view and actions. It invites us into “messiness”, deep reflection and active experimentation.


These action learning groups for leaders enable (challenge and support) innovative effective action around questions which have no easy answers. Here, courageous leaders are able to stop, reflect & engage in the art of generative purposeful conversation with a small group of others dedicated to learning and action. Mindful awareness, deep connections, powerful inquiry & pragmatic action are valued. The leadership learning coach facilitates, supports & challenges the group; technology supporting complexity & creativity is engaged; & the collective resources of the group are drawn on to enable new learning, new ideas, and new steps ahead to be taken.

The structure of groups can be suited to your needs but they most commonly meet monthly, and commit to a period of at least a year. This allows of deep understandings to be cultivated both around issues, leadership capacities, and our basic human-ness.

If you are interested in forming one of these groups within your organisation (across divisions/ areas of expertise) or industry or you are wanting to be part of a diverse group of leaders from across multiple sectors/ industries call me - Lisa on 021 313 323 or email Also see more information as blogs arise under "journal" on this site.


Practical commitment involved


Basic Assumptions


What group members can expect


Action Learning is a “continuous process of learning and reflection supported by colleagues, with an intention of getting things done” McGill (1993)

Together we will create the space for relatedness, accountability, gifts, generosity, and deep reflective learning for leadership action.

Give me a buzz now on 021 313 323 to chat through what will add most value to your organisation and its leader's ongoing brilliance!