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Being more wise – Mindfulness in Leadership
An exploration - Auckland, 2016

Personal Letter of Invitation enclosed.

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The world of leadership needs something new. As leaders, we need to thrive in "a mess" of uncertainly, of ambiguity, of constant shifting sands – and paradoxically at the same time it's expected that we'll make quick, firm and, most importantly, wise decisions.

Mindfulness is ancient wisdom and its time has come now. Mindfulness is a way of seeing and being in the world. It is an essential leadership practice. It's a way of being in the present - a way of being open and aware and friendly. It's about connecting to unconditional regard or confidence. It has a foundational practice of meditation and it's much more than that. It is about being wise and practical in the world. Arguably mindfulness is akin to activism. It's hard not to take action when you get, deeply in your body, that everything is joined up and connected.

How might we broaden our ability to make wise decisions in a messy landscape? …To not hang on so tightly to our thoughts, to our sense of what is correct?

What does it take to be open to the views of others and to actually GAIN wisdom from collective inquiry?

What if we just don't know?

Make wiser decisions… fine-tune your perception.
Join a small group of leaders in Auckland for a 10 week exploration of the Practice of Mindfulness in Leadership
March 1st to May 10th (fortnightly) 2016.

Why? - to support wise action. Often there truly are no "right answers." Mindfulness is a conduit to direct perception - beyond our story of what is - and toward a way ahead, more deeply informed and less personally reactive – increasingly wise!

What? A series of 6 small group meetings over March, April and into May, plus a follow up session in June, embedding the formal practice of mindfulness meditation, the discipline and informal practice of non-judgmental attention, and peer inquiry. This includes a full day retreat.

Who? A small group of about 7-9 leaders. Leaders who realize that the old all-knowing-attitude just doesn’t have a place any more. You realise that you must now tap into your deeper wisdom and that of others; that you must sense your way forward into a future worth creating; that this invites you to pay attention in a particular way. It’s suitable for experienced as well as new meditators. It’s for people in action in their lives.

How? Here are the details -

Tuesday 1st March - 7am till 11am - theme - Understanding our Human-ness - seeing what is.... (St Columba Centre - 40 Vermont Street - Ponsonby)

Monday 14th March - 7am till 9.30am - theme - Letting go of Striving (St Columba Centre)

Tuesday 29th March - 7am till 9.30am - theme - Wise Action (St Columba Centre)

Tuesday 12th April - 9.00am till 4pm - FULL DAY RETREAT - Embracing spaciousness - Mary MacKillop Centre – Kohimarama

Tuesday 26th April - 7am till 9.30am - theme- Integrating Mindful Leadership and Life (St Columba Centre)

Tuesday 10th May – 7 till 10am - theme - Endings and Beginnings (St Columba Centre)

and a follow up session about 6 weeks later - date to be agreed with group.

Rate - $1500 plus GST (Inclusive of detailed notes, guided MP3 recordings, all sessions facilitated (with light refreshments provided), 1-1 or online communication as requested, lunch on retreat day)

What Now?
• Diary these dates and times (NB duration of each session varies, and 2nd one is on a Monday)

• RSVP yes to me now – (February 12th at the latest) and I'll send you booking details

• Contact me with the names of any others you'd like to join us - so we can invite them too.

Lisa Markwick
Leadership Psychologist & Innovation Facilitator
+64 21 313 323


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